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Disrupting the Global Groceries Marketplace with Blockchain and last-mile logistic optimization


Andrej is an entrepreneur from Slovenia, constantly after innovative business approaches and ideas. An enthusiast of blockchain technology and crypto currencies since late 2012. He is an all-rounder with wide and profound knowledge of different IT technologies. He co-founded the Polish startup Coolomat in 2014 which developed a new click & collect solution, optimizing the last mile costs of online purchased groceries, and built up its own network of 30 devices in Warsaw with some of the biggest grocery retailers in Europe utilizing it.


Today he pursuades the Coolomat Market ecosystem idea - based on market feedback from past years. Coolomat Market will change the online e-commerce grocery sector with an innovative approach connecting customers and producers, big and small, over a new innovative online platform utilizing blockchain technology and open source software. A big ìgame changerî of this ecosystem is the connection to physical click & collect pick up point devices ñ Coolomats. With further developments the company plans to introduce also cryptocurrency ATM functionalities at this points and allow the community to participate in the financing of the network by investing in a separate security token. 


He and his team want to enable the general blockchain and opensource community to collaborate  in the development of the platform and its solutions. They want to work hand in hand with different blockchain solution providers (supply chain etc) and integrate these into the revolutionary grocery sales ecosystem.


Andrej has years of professional experience in different retail segments including grocery. After working for the German discounter Lidl where he worked in Germany, Austria and Slovenia as project manager and business informatics section chief gathering vast knowledge of the grocery sales market, he took over the role of CIO at Big Bang which is a market leading retailer in the Slovenian consumer electronics sector. After that he started his entrepreneurship voyage.

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