Bruce Porter


CEO at GlobalBoost

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American entrepreneur recognized as a leader in Bitcoin blockchain, smart contracts, compliant STO/ICO, cryptography, AI, VR, AR, social media, event production.

Mr. Porter’s experience has put him on the forefront of the digital revolution. He has taken a particular interest and has specific expertise in making the blockchain more accessible to the masses by bringing people and projects on live interviews and introducing a new hashing algorithem into crypto. GlobalBoost® developed the use of Yescrypt as a hashing algorithm in cryptocurrency, making Android and PC mining profitable. 

The code that GlobalBoost® $BSTY engineered is now used in at least 20 cryptocurrencies including Myriadcoin, Unitus, Bitmark, Argentum, Yenten, Cryply, GlobalToken, Bitzeny, Koto, and マルチアルゴリズム. 

The mission of GlobalBoost is to help wounded Veterans. Mr. Porter also owns DC Translation, LLC, EmmeGirls LLC, and is organizer of the Washington Elite A.I. Blockchain Summit.  

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