Ichiro Minamikawa


CEO at Cointed Japan, Founder at Blockchain Tokyo.

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Japan a global leader in cryptocurrency investment


Ichiro Minamikawa is a serial entrepreneur based in Tokyo, founded 10 companies in 30 years, mostly by cross-border M&A. Currently CEO at Cointed Japan, multi-service blockchain company, and director of several FinTech and HealthTech companies. Also a Japan market entry consultant, helped many companies, such as Walmart and Sodexo. Ichiro is involved in several public organizations. He is the founder at Blockchain Tokyo, the founder and chairman at Japan Market Entry Association, and active member of Japan Payment Service Association.

Ichiro is known as ‘digital disruptor’ and ‘game changer’ in Japan. He pioneered many unique business models, such as GIFCA, first point based digital gift card and first prepaid healthcare voucher for hospitals. Now he sees the potential of blockchain technology for cross-border payment, targeting tourists coming to Japan towards 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He is working closely with Japan Financial Service Agency who regulates crypto-currencies, finding the future of money in Japan.

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