ilja laurs


Founder of Getjar and Nextury Ventures.

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Ilja Laurs is one of the most successful Lithuanian businessmen of the new generation. Ilya has developed over 10 successful companies during his career (“GetJar” is the most famous of them; it was the first Lithuanian Startup in famous Silicon Valley in the United States that crossed the nine-digit value).

“European Manager of the Year” (European Business Press Association), “25 most Famous European Technological Leaders” (Wall Street Journal),” 40 most Influential Global Business Leaders in Telecommunications (Informa Telecom and Media), “20 most Prominent Businessmen in the Baltic States” (Baltic Business forum), “10 Startups Changing the World” (TIME magazine,) and the “World technology pioneer” (World economic forum in Davos) are just a few Ilya professional achievements.

Ilya is recognized technology visionary, and is engaged in educational activities in Lithuania and abroad; he regularly delivers reports in Harvard and Stanford universities, and also in the most important professional conferences. Ilya’s works are constantly quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg and others.

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