Jacob Kowalewski


Founder of Lisk Academy and Marketing Manager

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How to market an ICO to facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies


Jacob has been involved with cryptocurrencies since he discovered bitcoin in 2011 while studying English Literature and Russian Language and Literature at the University of Nottingham. Since graduating Jacob has gone onto forge a stellar career in marketing pioneering tech concepts. He facilitated the acquisition of VC funding for a travel app (Tripwire), worked for one of the largest renewable energy companies in the UK (Ecovision) as well as on a philanthropic project dealing with ocean pollution and the aftermath of the refugee crisis in Lesbos, Greece (Coboat).


Since acknowledging the potential of blockchain to vastly improve the impact of each of the projects he had worked on, Jacob decided to dedicate himself to the technology and its adoption full time. He joined Lisk as one of the earliest members of the marketing team and went on to found the Lisk Academy, which has gone on to become one of the worlds foremost educational platforms on blockchain technology.


Outside of pioneering and educating about blockchain technology Jacob has a keen interest in ICOs, regarding them as an aspect of cryptocurrencies that could be vastly refined and improved to stimulate faster adoption of blockchain technology.

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